The Council of Community Services has several programs that work in tandem to help those who are in homeless situations transition back into the community.

Many of our programs work together to shelter, clothe, feed, and keep safe anyone who is in homeless or in need of assistance in any of these areas. The homeless may stay in our Emergency Shelter, receive vouchers for clothes and household items at Seconds on the Avenue Thrift Store, and receive free warm and nutritious meals from our Soup Kitchen daily.

We also provide case management support to identify the root cause of homelessness for individuals or families. Once identified, we provide community referrals, or refer them into our own programs. Many homeless individuals will be admitted into our transitional housing for homeless families, or our supportive housing for mentally ill homeless individuals.

We also help people apply for Section 8 Housing Assistance to move them into apartments within our community. This provides people with financial assistance to help them stay in housing.