About Us

The Council of Community Services is making a difference.

We know building a better life doesn’t happen overnight.  That’s why the Council of Community Services offers a supportive network of services.  We believe in “helping people help themselves”.

The low-income in Campbell County are looking for ways to support their families and make the most of their modest income.  The Council of Community Services has been there every step of the way (reaching 94% of the low-income community last year), with programs to ease the financial burdens of rent, groceries, emergencies, and more.

And guess what? These programs work!

Now celebrating our 51st year working with the low-income community, the Council of Community Services is more engaged than ever in our mission: providing a diverse supportive network of services to people seeking to improve their lives.

With a passionate and dedicated team, we are focusing our efforts on the most relevant issues to the low-income in Campbell County.

You’ll see our programs taking into consideration the results of numerous community assessments and surveys, and tailoring our programs to best fit those in need right here at home.

Have you seen a need in our community you’d like addressed? Let us know!

Improving lives is a big deal! And we can’t do it alone.

Our community volunteers are a huge part of our success and we plan to meet many more of you through the Food Pantry, Soup Kitchen, and special events throughout the year.  Stay up to date with our events here.

We’re so glad you’re here.  Building a better life takes time and we’re in it for the long haul.