EXTENSION NOTICE! Sealed Bids are now due by on MONDAY JULY 12 @ 5 p.m.! Payment must be submitted by 5 p.m. Friday July 16th. All other rules and regulations still apply. For instructions and regulations, please see our website https://www.ccsgillette.org/can-am-sealed-bid/. Thank you again so much for your generosity to those in need in our community!

As we stated in our Facebook post, the winner of the raffle, Todd Wood, graciously donated the machine back to the Council. This gives the Council an additional opportunity to raise funds for our 10 diverse programs serving those in need. We cannot thank those who participated in the raffle enough for your support and patience.

Our Board of Directors have made a decision to proceed with a sealed bid auction for the machine. Please see the document below to get started of you would like to participate in the auction. Please read through the rules, regulations, and restrictions thoroughly. If you have any questions, please call Paula Steiger at 307-682-5250.