Preventing Hunger and Malnutrition

“Fifty million Americans – one in five children – go to bed and awaken hungry. Across the United States, the number of families and individuals who are food insecure or living in constant fear of not being able to feed their families and themselves has remained constant or been growing for many years. The country’s crippling economic crisis is resulting in record high spikes in poverty, unemployment, hunger and homelessness.

Trends in national food insecurity levels parallel national poverty levels, showing how food insecurity is inherently connected with income. This was shown to be especially true during the recent recession. The number of families that experience food insecurity has risen dramatically since the current economic crisis began in 2008. The principle causes of food insecurity in the United States are:

  • Unemployment
  • High housing costs
  • Low wages and poverty
  • Lack of access to SNAP (food stamps)
  • Medical or health costs”

Source: National Coalition for the Homeless

Help Educate Homeless Families

Families in homeless situations or reuniting after separation, need additional support and education, such as budgeting or parenting classes to help them transition back into the community with success.

We open these classes to all our clients in the Emergency Shelter, Supportive Housing, and Housing for Families to benefit the largest homeless population possible.

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Shop to Support

Shop to support all of the programs at the Council of Community Services by shopping at our Seconds on the Avenue Thrift Store. All of the profits from Seconds on the Avenue goes straight back into supporting our programs and our community. We carry a large selection of name brand clothing, household items, as well as furniture and children’s clothes at extremely low prices.

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