Jack’s Success Story

We’ve worked with Jack at many different phases in his life.  His last stay with us, has certainly been the most successful.

Years ago, Jack received rental assistance through the federal Section 8 Program.  Our Section 8 coordinator would meet with him regularly to inspect his apartment and ensure everything was in order.  Jack seemed content and was doing just fine on his own.

“Jack was no longer able to communicate verbally”

But early this year Jack found his way into the homeless shelter.  We don’t know what Jack has been through since we’d seen him last, but Jack was no longer able to communicate verbally.  He got by with a little notebook he kept in his shirt pocket.  Staff at the shelter made an appointment for Jack to meet with one of CCS’ case managers in the morning.

Now nearing 80, Jack desperately wanted the independence of his younger years back.  Over the years he’d lost his ability to speak and his health was quickly deteriorating.  Our case manager learned Jack was a Veteran, so got in touch with Volunteers of America (VOA) and set up a time for Jack to meet with a representative.  At the VOA meeting Jack was told that he would qualify for an assisted living facility.  This wasn’t Jack’s first choice, but he was willing to give it a try.

“Jack wasn’t happy”

After only a few months in an assisted living facility, Jack wasn’t happy.  He tried some other arrangements throughout the state but wanted to come back to Gillette.  With no place to live Jack returned to the homeless shelter.

Surprised to see him, our team of case managers met with Jack.  Jack was frustrated.  He wanted to live independently.  At the same time our case managers were worried about his health.  Our case managers knew the only way to give Jack the life he wanted was to somehow ensure he could safely live independently. 

Our newest case manager spearheaded the effort to get Jack the support he needed.  Working closely with Wyoming Independent Living, CCS helped Jack file for a Medicaid Waiver.  In the meantime, Jack spent his nights in the homeless shelter and waited.  In an incredibly quick turn-around time, Jack was awarded a Medicaid Waiver.

His newly received waiver would cover the cost of two meals per day, transportation through the Senior Center, and in-home nurse visits for up to five hours three times a week.  With this support our case managers felt much more confident in Jack’s ability to live independently.

“Went to sign the lease”

Quickly, our case manager found an apartment for Jack.  Together the two went to sign the lease and make a trip to the City Utilities office to arrange for his utilities to be set up.  Jack was in his own apartment and a nurse would be arriving soon for his first visit.   

When Jack’s nurse arrived a few days later, she was worried.  Jack had gotten sick.  He was in poor condition and needed medical attention.  Jack was taken to the hospital where he was placed in the Intensive Care Unit.  Nurses learned Jack had fallen and bruised some ribs in addition to his illness.  While examining Jack’s medical history, doctors learned there were several medications Jack had been prescribed but was no longer taking.  Doctors got Jack’s medication sorted out and arranged for his medications and a lifeline emergency button to be added to the coverage of his Medicaid Waiver.

With his health back under control, and with the help of Wyoming Independent Living Jack is finally back to the life of independence he has been craving for years.