Candace’s Success Story

Candace was at her lowest.  She’d left an abusive relationship and her son had been placed in foster care.  Soon she’d hear that her abusive boyfriend had been arrested.  Candace was alone, homeless, and looking for guidance.  Thankfully Candace found the guidance she needed through her Department of Family Services (DFS) case worker.

Longing to be reunited with her son, Candace was a perfect fit for the supportive apartments for families the Council of Community Services offers.  She was quickly moved into an apartment of her own and immediately began working alongside DFS to regain custody of her son. Candace was working full-time and within three months DFS had reunited her with her two-year old son.

Candace continued to work full-time and care for her son.  Her son felt right at home in their new apartment and would eagerly answer the door ready to show anyone his toy collection.  Candace was steadily saving money and looking towards the future.  After leaving an abusive relationship Candace was still struggling to trust herself and was working up the courage to move her and her son back into the community.

Along the way, Candace asked for very little.  She held a steady job, arranged for child-care, and only asked for support to help her cover a medical expense. With a low rent payment, Candace was able to save money for a new place.  She took her time and found just the right home for her and her son.  Candace admits moving out wasn’t just about having the money, but about feeling strong enough to make it on her own.  After two years (to the day) Candace was ready to take the next step.  Candace and her son confidently moved into a place all their own.

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