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Security State Bank…Putting People First

It’s no secret that Security State Bank cares about its communities.  Just visit Security State Bank’s website and you’ll be greeted with banners urging support of local fairs and rodeos as well as school supply drives to support local students.  But our local branch has gone above and beyond in their determination to give back to Gillette…

In June members of the Security State Bank team paid a visit to our 50th anniversary open house event.  This visit would jumpstart an incredible giving effort spearheaded by Megan Swords and Angelia Olson. “Learning about the services and hearing an explanation of the programs, not just seeing all the white buildings” made the difference for Angelia in her decision to support the Council.  Megan remarks that it was “being able to put a face” to the people being helped that solidified her decision to ramp up efforts at Security State Bank to support the community.  Megan and Angelia were quickly joined by Rebecka and Pati to form a full-fledged committee and were adamantly supported by the rest of the staff in making a commitment to give back.

It’s about the people

Giving back is a shared passion at Security State Bank.  Each member of the team is given 2 working hours each month they can use however they’d like, as long as time is spent supporting the community.  This time is used wisely, as Megan and the entire bank focus on giving back consistently.  “It’s about the people, we have an obligation to give back and give consistently” says Megan.  The team doesn’t want this to be about one-time support, but about building personal relationships with those they are helping.

Rebecka puts it this way, “When someone gets the guts to ask for help, we want them to be met by caring people.”  Meeting people where they are, and instilling self-confidence and empowerment are at the heart of this committee.  In building relationships with those they are helping, the hope is that those in need will feel a sense of security and freedom to come ask for help when they need it.  This help extends of course to Security State Bank’s main expertise as well…banking.  Rebecka urged that they want to provide comprehensive support, “If a client doesn’t know how to balance a checkbook and wants to learn; or is curious about how to start saving money, we want them to feel comfortable enough to come in and ask us for help with that too.”

Started with new shelving

Security State Bank’s giving may have started with new shelving for the Food Pantry, but it certainly has no intention of ending there.  Megan, Angelia, Rebecka, and Pati have set their sights on our family housing program.  The end goal is to create an engaging space where children and adults alike can spend time together, reaping the benefits of age-appropriate activities.  The team plans to first and foremost give the space a clean slate, then bring in games, toys, books, and more for families to enjoy together.  The branch doesn’t just want to provide items without a personal touch though.  “We want to provide items that will be useful” the committee agreed and is open to feedback from clients at CCS as to how Security State Bank’s support can be best utilized.

It’s undeniable that Security State Bank has already had a profound impact at the Council.  The kindness and sincerity of everyone in the Gillette branch has blown us away.  We are most excited for this generosity to reach the clients we serve.  With changes coming to the Food Pantry and personal connections being made within family housing, we have no doubt that because of Security State Bank the best is yet to come for our clients.

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