Josh’s Success Story

While staying at the homeless shelter Josh got news no one wants to receive.  Josh was informed he had contracted a chronic health condition and would need to start treatment right away.  Not only would Josh need immediate care, but he would need to continue treatment to maintain his health.

“Supplemental Security Income (SSI) was suspended”

Josh came to Gillette after experiencing homeless on the Gulf Coast.  Josh’s mental health disability made it nearly impossible for him to find steady employment.  In Josh’s excitement to relocate, he missed a regularly scheduled doctor’s appointment.  Because of his missed doctors’ appointment his Supplemental Security Income (SSI) was suspended.  Josh found himself without income and alone in a new city, unable to begin the search for housing.  Josh was homeless.    

Staying in the Homeless Shelter at CCS, Josh was connected with a case manager who helped him understand why his SSI had been suspended.  In the midst of his income crisis, Josh was contacted by a healthcare provider and told he needed to be seen immediately.  Josh was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

“Treatment only available in Casper”

After devastation over his recent diagnosis, Josh was feeling like he had reached bottom.  Josh met with his case manager who talked with him about his diagnosis.  Josh shared that his treatment was only available in Casper.  Josh agreed he needed to seek treatment but was without the funding to do so.

A joint effort between Public Health, Pilots for Christ, and CCS began.  Josh was able to get to Casper for his first treatment and have arrangements made so future treatments could take place in Gillette.

Patiently waiting for Permanent Supportive Housing

With Josh’s chronic health condition being managed, he was able to work with his case manager to get his SSI benefits reinstated.  He is also one step closer to escaping homelessness.  Josh is now patiently waiting on the state-wide Permanent Supportive Housing list for a housing unit to become available.  Within Permanent Supportive Housing, Josh will have ensured access to the health care he needs as well as rent he can afford on his modest income.   

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