Phoebe’s Success Story

Celebrating the second success story to come from the family housing program, I’d like to introduce you to Phoebe.  We first met Phoebe when she was homeless.  She had lost custody of her children and was utilizing the shelter. Just one year later she leaves us for a beautiful home with both children in tow.

Phoebe struggled with drug addiction.  As a single parent her addiction had cost her a job, custody of her children, and her home.  After losing everything Phoebe had no place to turn.  In the middle of winter Phoebe checked into the Emergency Shelter.  She ate meals at the Soup Kitchen and had a warm bed in the shelter but wasn’t ready to make changes in her life.  Phoebe also wasn’t ready to ask for help, having always done things on her own this was a challenge.  After a short stay at the shelter Phoebe spent time living with friends, never holding down a place of her own.  Occasionally Phoebe would utilize the Food Pantry to provide for herself.

Challenge to ask for help

Soon Phoebe would become homeless again.  In early spring Council case workers encountered Phoebe homeless but still not ready to change her life.  Over multiple meetings, mostly at the Soup Kitchen, Phoebe began to build a relationship with CCS case workers.  After two months of homelessness Phoebe was ready for a change and ready to ask for help.  She was ready to take control of her life.

It was late spring, and Phoebe checked into the Emergency Shelter once again.  This time, she was ready to meet with case workers, ready to kick her addiction, and was ready to get back on track.  Phoebe worked closely with the Department of Family Services (DFS) and CCS to apply for the family housing program, officially titled: Housing for Homeless Families working with the Department of Family Services, Phoebe was a great fit.

Empowered by her new surroundings and her relationship with CCS

With the family housing program on site at CCS, Phoebe was completely supported from the beginning. With the help of Seconds on the Avenue, Phoebe outfitted her new apartment and began to prepare herself to regain custody of her children.  Empowered by her new surroundings and her relationship with CCS, Phoebe was on her way to a successful and sober lifestyle.

With her sights set on reuniting her family, Phoebe pushed to be granted child support that she had never previously received.  Upon winning her case for child support Phoebe finally had stable income.  With success under her belt Phoebe also secured a job.  Phoebe had grown leaps and bounds in just a few months.  She felt supported and empowered.

Seeing her improvement, DFS began granting Phoebe home visits with her children.  The joy and excitement from both Phoebe and her children were infectious.  After nearly half a year of successful visits and steady employment, Phoebe was granted custody of her children and her DFS case was closed.

Ready to make it on their own

With custody of her children and school about to start, Phoebe knew her family was ready to make it on their own.  Having set aside money to provide a new home, Phoebe quickly found a place that would meet their needs.  Phoebe and her family were able to settle into their new home and start the school year as a family.