Roberta’s Success Story

Dialysis is a life-saving necessity for Roberta.  It takes a real toll on her body though, often leaving her exhausted.  Following a dialysis appointment, Roberta fell at home and broke her glasses.  Thanks to the medical/dental program we offer, Roberta was able to get a new pair. 

“She was really struggling to see”

Roberta stops in to use the Food Pantry every once in a while, when she’s in need.  This month, Roberta was filling out some paperwork and mentioned she was really struggling to see because she broke her glasses.

Our Emergency Assistance Manager was quick to pull Roberta into her office.  Roberta explained that her dialysis treatments take such a toll on her and this last time she was just a little weak and fell, breaking her glasses along the way.

“It wasn’t in the cards financially”

Roberta lives alone and is just trying to keep up.  She’s managing her dialysis and finding help where she can, but it wasn’t in the cards financially for her to replace her glasses.

“Being able to see was a luxury she was willing to let go”

The relief and gratitude were evident when Roberta was told she’d be able to get new glasses.  With everything else she’s managing, being able to see was a luxury she was willing to let go.  Now, she doesn’t have to.

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