Rodger’s Success Story

Rodger has spent the majority of his adult life dealing with the pressure of a severe mental illness. Being diagnosed with schizophrenia and not being able to regulate thought, emotion, and behavior, he was struggling to keep up with his medication. His illness lead him to have a faulty perception; causing him to withdraw from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion.

Having many daily battles to overcome, Rodger was struggling. He required assistance to perform essential household duties and was up and down in his financial resources. Rodger, having limited options and ready for a change, sought out help for his situation. He turned to Campbell County Memorial Hospital, where he received a recommendation from behavioral health services to be a resident in our Greenhouse Group Home.

For the last two years, Rodger stayed with us. Under our staff’s supervision, Rodger has learned the importance of medication management, realizing this task influences his entire life. He spent many days living with five other people, all while learning multiple life skills, such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting, and having a healthy lifestyle. Together they shared the responsibility of maintaining the home. Through these daily interactions, Rodger has learned to live in a stable, safe environment.

Rodger has completely transformed his life. Now Rodger lives on his own in an apartment all to himself. He has a support system and friends he can call on when things get hard. This feat is something Rodger thought would never be a possibility for him. Through his perseverance and desire for change, he was able to achieve the life he wanted.

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