Trevor’s Success Story

Trevor is a great addition to our community of residents.  While his adult years have thrown him some curveballs, like the diagnosis of a degenerative and uncurable neurological disorder, he hasn’t let it slow him down.

Unable to work and modest income

Trevor traveled from town to town across Wyoming.  Chasing new adventures and never really pinning down a place to stay.  In nearly all of Trevor’s travels he took on his adventures without a home.  Trevor was diagnosed with a degenerative and uncurable neurological disorder in his adult years and its effects have left him unable to work and his modest Supplemental Security Income (SSI) left him little room for permanent housing. 

Top of the priority list

After a year of roaming the state, and visiting many organizations and shelters, Trevor found himself at the top of the state’s housing priority list.  Each agency Trevor visited entered his information into a state-wide system that matches homeless individuals with supportive housing.  At the time Trevor moved to the top of the list he happened to be in Gillette.  As a matter of coincidence an apartment had just become available in the supportive housing units here at the Council.  In a rare occurrence, Trevor wouldn’t have to move across the state to be matched with his housing.

Live successfully on his own

Trevor was excited at the prospect of permanent housing and finally being able to establish some form of routine for himself.  Now settled into the Council apartments Trevor has a place of his own that fits within his modest budget.  He’s able to see his neurologist regularly and is getting all the care he needs to continue to live successfully on his own.   

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