Dillon and Kate, a young couple with 3 daughters, found their way to the Council of Community Services at the reference of their DFS case worker. The couple was living out of their car and had lost custody of their children.  Dillon and Kate were desperately trying to find stable housing, so they could begin putting their family back together. 

Housing case managers found a way to help them

The couple came to the Council of Community Services looking for help.  The Council, in partnership with DFS, offers an apartment building for those working to reunite their families.  At the time Dillon and Kate visited the Council of Community Services, our apartment building for families was full.  However, that did not deter our housing case managers from finding a way to help them. 

Our housing case managers were able to find a local landlord team who could help Dillon and Kate.  The Council was ready to pay for a deposit and first months rent for Dillon and Kate, but the landlord team was ready to help this family get back on their feet too. They offered Dillon and Kate a home to move into without requiring a deposit.

One-day Dillon and Kate may own the home that helped put their family back together

Since moving into their new home Dillon and Kate have been getting visits from their children and are on their way to reuniting their family.  The landlord team has gone above and beyond in creating a rent-to-own agreement with Dillon and Kate, so that one-day Dillon and Kate may own the home that helped put their family back together.