Oliver’s Success Story

Oliver was working full time and taking care of his young children.  When Oliver started to feel sick, he knew something was off.  Doctors confirmed Oliver’s suspicions when he was diagnosed with cancer.

With a treatment plan in place, Oliver kept working and focused on keeping himself healthy and providing for his family.  His diligence paid off when he finished treatment and could say he had beaten cancer!

Oliver continued working but got a sinking feeling a few months later when he started to feel under the weather.  Oliver’s cancer had returned. 

“Oliver’s cancer had returned”

This time treatment would be much more aggressive.  Oliver tried to keep working full-time but just couldn’t muster the energy.  Cutting back to part-time, Oliver’s finances took a hit and he started to fall behind on his rent.

Oliver’s landlords understood.  They knew he was going through a challenging time and tried to be supportive of him and his children.  Oliver didn’t like slipping behind on his rent, but he just couldn’t come up with all the money.

“get help catching up”

With another month approaching, Oliver reached out to the Council of Community Services.  He wanted to see if there was any way he could get help catching up on his rent.  Oliver shared his story with us and expressed he was just looking for a bit of support, so things don’t fall too far behind.

Thanks to generous community donations, the Council was offering a rental assistance program that usually doesn’t get to be offered for very long due to funding limitations.  Oliver met with one of our case managers to see what we could do for him.

“past-due rent paid in full”

Oliver was blown away when he was told his past-due rent was going to be paid in full.

He was moved with gratitude and was sincerely thankful to be offered this relief at a time when stress was starting to build.   

Oliver had worked hard to stay on top of what he could, but despite his best efforts he had fallen behind.  Your support gave Oliver the hope he needed.  The relief on Oliver’s face told the story of what community support like yours makes possible.